SAHAJROOTS is practical Sahaja Yoga, workshop sessions that draw faithfully and directly from Shri Mataji’s teachings.

The session is for established yogis who desire to improve vibratory awareness, develop mastery, become subtler beings and achieve the goal of Sahaja Yoga – our Ascent. In turn, when using vibrations on a daily basis, it gives confidence to pass on and help others also.

We do this by meeting each week, studying Mother’s early talks and workshops videos and applying Her method through collective clearing and collective workshops – and, of course, silent meditation.

We give each other feedback and practice using our vibrations in day to day life to progress towards what Mother describes even as ‘minimum of minimum’: be in good health; know where the kundalini is; feel your own and others chakras and be able to cure them, have complete control of ourselves and feel vibrations flowing; established thoughtless awareness – and control the weather*.

We gain much knowledge and insight from the early yogis who were ‘trained’ by Shri Mataji, in person. We thank them for their continued support and contribution.

“You are not ordinary people to behave in an ordinary way. You are special people, made specially to reflect the qualities of God Almighty. First you should have that sensitivity of vibrations. If you have that sensitivity of vibrations, then I would say you are now matured in Sahaj Yoga.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – Shri Krishna Puja 2000

HOW SAHAJROOTS CAME ABOUT A while ago, in London, despite being long practising yogis, attending all the pujas and havans, giving realisation, running meetings, daily clearing and meditating etc, a number of us began to realise, if we were honest, that we were, in places, short of Mothers’ ‘minimum of minimum’. Therefore, we arranged to meet, on a week by week basis, to study, more in depth, Mother’s teachings and help each other practice the art of vibratory awareness and improve our sensitivity to vibrations. We are now in our 7th year.

Note: We gave this ’continuous training’ session a name, only to differentiate it from the many Sahaja Yoga sessions for new people – emphasising that ‘Sahajroots’ is practical Sahaja Yoga especially designed for us, as ‘established’ yogis’ -to go further.

If you would like to join our on-going practice study and receive our Write Ups and learn how to set up your own Sahajroots study/practice group, please contact: [email protected]

Otherwise, we look forward to sharing one of our sessions with you on:

Friday 5th June   –  2pm CEST (Cabella Time)



Thanks to the International Shri Adi Shakti Puja weekend hosting countries for the kind invitation.

Jay Shri Mataji!


Please sign in using only ONE device PER PERSON.

Please foot soak before joining to get best benefit.

Have candle and your preferred oil choice, almond, coconut or olive oil, ready to use.


1983 – The Blessing of Modern Times, USA
1987 – You Get Complete Integration, Australia
1981 – Programme Day 2 Santa Monica, USA
1981 – Public Programme Day 1, New York
1981 – The Beauty That You are, Houston

“I have to tell you again and again and I am telling you again today which is the most important thing for a Sahaj Yogi – is to use your vibratory awareness.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi,  1986/03/05

“So try to become subtler and subtler, and don’t think about it. You will relax, you will feel better, it will act.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi,  Shri Durga Puja 1982

“You have the feel of the vibrations and you know what vibrations are. They speak to you. So through your vibrations you should know in a second what should you do.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi,  Shri Krishna Puja 2000

“You all should know that as the tree grows, the roots have to grow much deeper and they should spread also. If it doesn’t happen, the tree cannot be sustained only by Mother Earth. So the roots are in your own life, in your own heart.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi,  Mind and Attention 1995



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Jai Shri Mataji !

👨 I was so glad to be able to take part. I found the beginning meditation really helpful for settling the attention. When we were reducing the breathing l found my attention went right inside immediately and then settled to the point where l noticed l was actually hardly breathing at all, very interesting.

👨 I am really enjoying the Roots meetings and find them so helpful.

👨 At the very first session the vibrations were blasting like I have never felt before here in the US…Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful and inspiring experiences!

👨 In my journey of Sahajroots going deeper sessions have been like catalyst in improving my sensitivity of my own being. For me it has specially helped in my Left Nabhi problems. Today while foot soaking I felt that the chakras are clearing off quicker than previous efforts. The thoughtless state is maintained for a longer time and that too with less efforts.

👨 The significance of proper Namaskar to Mother was a very crucial exercise to understand that every little step matters in this journey. I was initially not feeling anything while we were conducting workshop, but gradually it started flowing in my hands and I not only gained confidence but understood the significance of collective workshop. I wish to start something similar in India when I go back next week.

👨 It is great to be able to benefit from the knowledge and experience being gathered in this way. Since learning about Sahajroots, I have been really focusing on checking my ‘status’ before and after meditation, and being honest and authentic with myself about whether I am really reaching thoughtlessness. Today I have added the asanas into my schedule and it seems to be very beneficial. So excited to be part of the journey you are all making.

👨 Thank you so much for organising this great event! The first time I attended the Sahajroots workshop and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. It is so nice to spend time together and raise our vibrational awareness, I hope all yogis will take part in this amazing workshop. I left with a huge smile on my face and I could feel my chakras full of vibrations.

👨 (Since joining Sahajroots sessions …) In our small group many of us feeling the more flow of vibration. Catches are clearing faster. It takes us to more devotion and dedication. Observed getting more seekers in our new people meetings (running 2 meetings now) and they also now show interest in learning clearing and improving their meditation.

👨 Thank you for a wonderful session today. Thank you Shree Mataji for everything and guiding us in every step with lots of love.

👨 We felt so inspired by Sahajroots that we started to have “Sahaj Roots” sessions as well.

👨 Please kindly include us in the weekly up-dates of your experiences. We are a small collective in another country and have told as many as possible about.

👨 I feel so lucky to get your write ups. They are so nourishing and heart-warming. I feel inspired to look anew at meetings.


Jai Shri Mataji

[email protected]