Pearls of Recognition Project

Often we tell very precious and unique stories of how we found Sahaja Yoga and how we received this precious gift of Self-Realization. This time, we would like to highlight the moments when we recognized Shri Mataji as She is. How was it for you? Did it happen immediately or was it a slower process? What was that special moment you will always remember when Mother touched your heart? 

You can now watch all the unique and beautiful pearls of recognition on this page or watch the whole movie on YouTube 😊 

Recognize me

“The first thing in today’s modern Sahaja Yoga, you have to know that you have to recognize Me. That is very important. Very humbly, I have to tell you – you have to recognize Me and you have to respect Me and love Me.”

“So recognition only means, doesn’t mean that you recognize Me as Adi Shakti, but recognition means that in every part of your life, you should know that I am with you.”

— Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Christmas Puja: “Recognition”, December 27th 1994

“And the more you show that recognition, the more you realise it, you get higher and higher, not only spiritually, but every way, mentally, socially, economically, politically.”

“So just behind this recognition is all the powers … But if you are doubting still, halfway this, that, then things won’t be all right. You shouldn’t worry about your reputation. Just go with full speed into any direction knowing one thing, that you are my child and that I am Adi Shakti. Everything that looks horrible will become better.

Don’t worry about anything! Just know that I am the Adi Shakti. That all the powers of God and Goddesses and all that are within me, and they are within me and they are all looking after you. But if that recognition is not there, they are not going to recognise you either.”

— Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, 6th Day Of Navaratri: “Recognize Me”, 13 October 1991